For Women Who Are About to Rock

Written by Kelly Coulter

Stand up and be counted
For what you are about to receive

Back in the day a local radio station would play the AC/DC anthem “For Those About to Rock” every fall around harvest time.  The disc jockey would pre-empt the playing of the song by giving a wink to all the cannabis farmers in the region. It was greatly appreciated by so many who worked under threat of getting ripped off, arrested, or walking into a field of poor yield. The unknowns were stressful but when that song was played you just knew that there were people out there rooting for you and that all wouid be well. Women are standing at the edge of that field right now, about to walk in.

The women of cannabis are on the precipice of a once in a lifetime paradigm shift and if anyone is going to rock it they are. The opportunities ahead of us are unprecedented but we must be vigilante. We are at the heart of the industry with an incredible and undeniable energy which eclipses other energies that are inhabiting the space with a light that will not be turned off or down. 

Who Are We?

We are old-timers, innovators, disruptors; wild women with pioneer spirits and fierce determination. We are medicine-makers, farmers, trimmers, party makers and herbal geeks. We love each other, hate each other, swear like pirates and take care of business.

We also have a lot to offer. Our gifts are great in that giving is our nature, but can also be our curse. We know our strengths and our weaknesses and have humility, which is the greatest gift for the future of the cannabis industry as “she” moves forward in an epic way.

In the spirit of sharing on International Women’s Day, here are some words of wisdom from some of the wild women of cannabis whom we all know and love. 

There is a little bit of all of us in each of us.

"Don't be disillusioned by the charm of money or pseudo-accolade. We are partaking in a powerful grassroots social and political movement that continues to gain significant momentum. Take a moment to revel in vindication but remain humble, inspired, and driven by cause." - Kristen Angelo, Cannabis Photographer,

"Cannabis, like women, heals, nourishes, clothes and provides comfort, but continues to face oppression - yet remains strong and resilient!" - Brittny Anderson, M.Sc. Director of Operations The Cannabis Conservancy

"I am told that I give patients hope, that I'm the only one who understands them, that I 'get them'. The full circle admiration between my patients and I make them friends now.  So, I help friends use Cannabis safely, effectively, and legally, and it's also treating my depression.  Who knew? Connection is an antidepressant too!" - Dianna Donnelly, Writer

"The attack on Cannabis is not confined to the era of the drug war. It is an attack on nature, and on the divine feminine. It is an attack rooted deeply in patriarchy and colonialism, stretching back to a time when wise women were burned at the stake for herbal knowledge. It is an attack on indigenous knowledge and indigenous people." - Teresa Taylor, Craft Cannabis Association

"The power women hold in the cannabis industry is undeniable and I believe we are poised to take a forefront in this seemingly new and exciting industry which actually isn't new at all. Truthfully women have had a strong role in the ganja game long before rumours of legalization were leaked." - Ashtree Rowan Wood, The Green Ceiling

As we move into this great field together let's remember to put our hands on each others backs, firmly and gently, helping and guiding the woman beside you move forward with you and the woman on the other side of her and so on.....our harvest will be great.  I just know it!

Keep Rockin, Turn it Up and don’t forget to Dance!!! Happy International Women’s Day

About The Author

kelly coulter

Kelly Coulter first met with Justin Trudeau in the fall of 2012 with only one goal, toconvince him that the legalization and regulation of cannabis was good for communities. In the summer of 2014 he credited that meeting with his new approach to how cannabis should be legalized and now Canada is on its' way. After spending 3 years in Ottawa advising politicians and policy makers on cannabis she now lives in Victoria, BC where the industry is growing and blossoming. Her relationships with industry leaders, cannabis artisans, politicians and advocates for sustainable cannabis growth have brought her to many fascinating opportunities. Her focus is on women as a long-time advocate both with the NORML Women Alliance of Canada, Women Grow and now in her writing. She believes strongly that women will be the new leaders not only of the consumer base for cannabis healing but also the drivers of the market.