Flying High


Traveling is hectic, for some it can fearful and terrifying and for others it’s thrilling - but either way it can be stressful and overwhelming at times cause anxiety. I’ve put together a few tips for traveling with cannabis and ways you can overcome the anxiety with it.

Vape Pens

Vape pens have become a huge sector of the cannabis market. They are generally small, discreet, and don’t have a lingering cannabis smell, which makes them popular for obvious reasons. But also, they make traveling with cannabis SO MUCH EASIER.

Whether you’re in a train, on a plane, in car, or not going far - the vape pen is there to get you high. Not only do these babes pack a punch, but they pack easily into your purse or carry on too. Plus, since most vape pens can easily be mistaken for the nicotine vapes, you’ve got the advantage of privacy.

Another thing that is intriguing with vape pens is the opportunity to get high in the terminal. Yes, I know what you’re thinking — but it’s possible. A trick I may or may not use is to go to the restroom, take a big hit, and as you exhale, blow the vapor down towards the toilet while simultaneously flushing it. The suction from the toilet will grab most of the vapor leaving no clouds and no smell for the most part. It’s definitely a good idea to check the stalls a little to avoid any airport workers and other travelers - pretty much, don’t go into a stall right next to someone. You’ll need to feel it out and see how busy the bathroom is, but it’s pretty easy, quick, and not as nerve racking as you’d think.

*Editor’s Note: I would not recommend vaping on a plane - your chances are much higher of getting caught and put on the no fly list. Also, we don’t promote or advocate for illegal activity.

That being said, here are my favorite vape pens to travel with:

*Pro Tip: Don’t check any cartridges - they will break and leak if not in the pressurized cabin. They can even leak in the cabin sometimes, so be wary of the possibility that your cartridge won’t survive the flight.


If you enjoy the high of edibles or have a long trip that you want to sleep through, edibles are a sure way to do both! Because edibles are food, they’re much easier to conceal. Taking edibles out of their package and repackaging to either look like homemade snacks or stashing them in a box of similar non medicated products is beyond easy! And, if you’re someone who has a hard time remembering dosages there’s an easy fix to that too, just write a note with all the information and keep it in your wallet or notebook.

Travel Anxiety

Tinctures are great for instant relief, because of this I ALWAYS carry a CBD tincture on me. I find that CBD tinctures are great for not only aches and pains, but for anxiety and stress. Traveling can be a stressful time and when I find I need my tincture the most.

I’ve never had issues flying with my tinctures right in my backpack. One I think this is because health tinctures are very common and most airport security guards don’t have the time to read the labels on every bottle they see. Second, because I only fly with CBD tinctures, it’s technically not illegal. My favorite CBD tincture is the AUR Body Vanilla Almond Milk tincture. I think a lot of tinctures, especially alcohol based ones taste absolutely disgusting, but this one you can have all on it’s own.

So if you are someone who has bad traveling anxiety, especially on planes, I would highly recommend trying a CBD tincture. Holding it under your tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds will allow your body to absorb the cannabinoids sublingually and begin to work almost instantaneously.

Another option for those who have bad travel anxiety is aromatherapy. Make & Mary creates the most amazing and surprisingly fast acting ‘inhaler’.  It’s not like an inhaler you would think of but actually an aromatherapy stick. She infuses different essential oils into salt and those go in a vial that you’re able to unscrew and smell at any time.

One thing I love about her aromatherapy inhalers that is much different than most is that Make & Mary actually use a cannabis essential oil in their mixes as well. The faint cannabis scent meshes perfectly with the other essential oils to produce a truly calming effect. She has two versions, the Calm which is amazing for anxiety and then the Focus which helps those with ADHD and who have a hard time focusing.

If you haven’t tried aromatherapy, I would highly advise you check out the Make & Mary Calm Inhaler. One of my good friends, Harlee Case was actually at work and having a very intense anxiety attack. She only had 10 minutes to try and get through it and go to a 6 hour photoshoot, so she grabbed the Calm Inhaler, stuck it her nose and just took deep breaths, inhaling the scent and exhaling the stress. She did this for about 5 minutes and her anxiety attack had completely dissolved and she was able to get on through her day normally without any anxiety or stress.

To often we feel stressed and have anxiety, but what we need to remember is that the fix can be simple.

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Stash

To preface this section of the article, neither myself nor The Her(B) Life condone or encourage the illegal usage of cannabis. That being said, if you do find yourself in a place that isn’t so cannabis friendly, we know the perfect place to stash it. In your Stashlogix.

The Stashlogix is absolutely amazing and perfect for traveling. If you’ve never heard of them, let me break it down for you a little; This company produces stash bags, from large to small and even fanny packs! The Stashlogix comes with locking zippers and a code that you are able to set and reset yourself. This means that as long as it’s locked, it becomes off limits for the law to look into unless they get a warrant.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your travels, one thing to note is flying internationally can be very different and going through customs is no joke. Do not attempt to bring cannabis across borders.