Fierce Founders - Canndora's Spring Box Celebrates Women in Weed

Women have been making their presence known in the cannabis industry, busting glass ceilings and leaving stoner stereotypes in their wake. Frustrated with the lack of representation in the industry, many start-ups are focusing on the female cannabis experience. Women are proudly emerging green as cannabis consumers and they want, and deserve, products that reflect their experience.


These products, and the boss women behind them, are what Canndora, a subscription box service for the high end cannabis accessories, wanted to highlight with their Fierce Founders edition. This box is a curation of products from Canadian, female-owned, businesses blazing a trail in the industry, pun intended.

Meet Our Fierce Founding Duos

The Fierce Founders box

Gone are the days of only being able to find products targeted to the typical stoner archetype, which is inherently male. The Fierce Founders box celebrates female-founded business and showcases products that represent women’s cannabis experience authentically. The future of cannabis is female, and this collection truly showcases the innovation and drive of women-led enterprise in the cannabis industry.