Elevated AF - 5 Spots to Deepen your Connection to Cannabis

One of the great things about cannabis being legal in Canada is that consumers are no longer banished to back alleys to enjoy a puff. Enjoying cannabis in different places and with various consumption methods can completely change your personal experience. Let’s spice up your smoke routine by challenging yourself to sesh in one new location this summer!

A Backyard Pool

There is something truly meditative about the combination of weed and water. Floating in a backyard pool allows for a sense of safety and serenity, metaphorical worries carried away on the gentle waves. I find consuming cannabis and swimming a very sensory experience that allows for a feeling of emotional and physical weightlessness.

Best Method - Pools make me go full water baby, so a bong is a perfect addition to keep those water vibes at any poolside session.

Let’s get elevated - Put a few ice cubes in the stem of your bong, this will cool the smoke and add a super refreshing element on a hot summer day.

Around a Campfire

After a long day of camping, gather around the fire and enjoy a herbal night cap. You can chill out and tell ghost stories around the campfire with your favourite strain. My favourite campfire sessions end organically, drifting off in thought while mesmerized by the dancing flames.

Best Method - Roll a joint or fill up a designer pre-roll

Let’s get elevated - Try lighting your joint with the campfire itself, that sweet spot for roasting marshmallows also works well as nature’s lighter.

A Conservation Area

Did you know that many Canadian parks and conservation areas have designated smoking areas? This means that it is perfectly legal to consume cannabis this summer in any area that allows cigarette smoking. Elevate your immersion in nature by bringing an energizing strain to enjoy in the sun.

Best Method - A Vaporizer will keep your session on the down low, it is important to consume responsibly while out in the world. Vapes are a great way to enjoy your experience without encroaching on other park patreons.

Let’s get elevated - Vape on a high energy strain, with a lush terpene profile to avoid burning out while out in the sun all day. Stay hydrated and really elevate your day by bringing along a batch of infused iced matcha lattes.

Under the Stars

Cannabis consumption under the stars is best as an intimate experience, either alone or with a partner. There is a simple joy, especially for those in urban centers, in taking the time to do nothing more than to stargaze. Both cannabis and stargazing are amazing for stress relief, problems seem so small under the massive universe. Warning: combining cannabis and stargazing can inspire philosophical conversation on the facets of space travel and alien planets.

Best Method - Edibles

Let’s get elevated - Make sure to consume your edibles at least 90 minutes before you plan to stargaze. I like making my own, like these chocolate canna cookies, so I can control the potency. The body high will create a more physical and attentive experience.

In a Bubble Bath

Women are using cannabis as a tool for self-care, rejecting stereotypes and making their own rules. Take your self-care routine to the next level by elevating your alone time and intentionally make relaxation a priority. If you have a bathing tray, small stool, or simply a closed toilet, you can create a sesh stand to elevate your experience. Include crystals, candles, your favourite tunes and leave your phone on the other side of your bathroom door.

Best Method - Long baths are my definition of total bliss so a pipe is always my go to for baths. You can pack as many bowls as you like to maintain your high no matter how long you need to decompress.

Let’s get elevated - Take your bubble bath up a notch with a cannabis infused bath bomb or a few drops of your cannabis oil.