Conscience Cannabis; Bowery Cannabis Club + The Alchemist's Kitchen

I recently talked with Lou, the founder of Bowery Cannabis Club and The Alchemist's Kitchen in New York, and I was blown away at how holistic their approach to cannabis is! It made me feel like a lot of people and companies are not using cannabis in the right way.

Celebrate the Plant

Their motto is: Celebrate The Power of Plants, and no, this doesn’t mean just cannabis. The Alchemist Kitchen focuses on all plants and living a more holistic, plant-based life. With amazing classes being held daily such as Practice Herbalism: Herbal Remedies for a Happy Mood and Coming off Hormonal Birth Control, this company is truly honoring the plant and the being and bringing each together in harmony. Dedicated to the Witch and sisterhood, these businesses also put a huge emphasis on all things girl power, which is so important in our modern male-dominated world. Honoring the Witch and sisterhood is vital in bringing a more harmonious and gentle balance to the world.


Healing Holistically, with More than just Cannabis

With a global mission to, connect, educate and serve the international community that is awakening to the healing powers of cannabis, how could you not want to be a part of what this wonderful company is creating? The Alchemist Kitchen also has something like I’ve never seen or heard of before, they keep an herbalist on staff with specific visiting hours so that people may come in and get help with whatever they are searching for. This is groundbreaking! Not only are they helping people awaken to safe cannabis use and what will work the best for them, but they are helping to heal people holistically, with more than just cannabis. Which let’s be honest, cannabis alone isn’t enough for certain ailments, it’s always a good idea to mix in other healing plants and herbs.

Another huge point that stuck out to me during our discussion was micro-dosing. With cannabis becoming more accepted worldwide, and us finally being able to get it down to a science, extremely high potency cannabinoid products are coming out. This can be a bittersweet problem, while for some it may be helpful to have such high doses, for most, however, it’s doing us an injustice. People are consuming too much cannabis too quickly and our tolerances are spiking. For some, they are consuming so much that they cause themselves to get Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, a cannabis-induced disease that causes violent puking when consuming cannabis. As a society overall, we overindulge ourselves, and cannabis is becoming one of the commodities we are overindulging in. Lou and his companies place great emphasis on micro-dosing, starting with as little as 2.5mg can be all your body needs! While yes, it’s great to get stoned, don’t overdo it; remember everything in moderation.


I absolutely fell in love with the ideals and mission of both The Alchemist Kitchen and the Bowery Cannabis Club. This world needs more love and a serious awakening to the more holistic and plant-based way of life, which is EXACTLY what Lou and his company are accomplishing. We will definitely be collaborating with these beautiful people, so keep your eyes and your ears peeled for more information on these wonderful companies!

For more information on The Alchemist Kitchen and The Bowery Cannabis Club check out the links below.

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