CBD VS Kratom: Comparing Two Popular Natural Remedies

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When it comes to cannabis and CBD in particular, there is no denying its effectiveness in treating a myriad of conditions ranging from insomnia, stress and anxiety, pain and muscle soreness, all the way to achieving mental clarity and focus. That said, is CBD the be-all-end-all of natural remedies? Well, there is no single natural remedy to elevate your quality of life, rather, CBD is another component of a healthy lifestyle you should be using regularly.


The other component might be kratom. If you haven’t heard of this increasingly-popular plant hailing from Southeast Asia, kratom is primarily praised for its analgesic and energizing properties. Both CBD and kratom may boost your workouts and help you sleep better, among other benefits, so let’s compare the two and help you make the best choice when it comes to daily consumption.

Alleviating stress and anxiety

Over the years, there’s been a lot of talk in the medical community about the benefits of CBD when it comes to treating stress and anxiety, and even battling serious mental illnesses the likes of depression. It’s important to note that, unlike certain strains of kratom, CBD is not a sedative, so it doesn’t slow you down but rather it stimulates the nerves and boosts the feeling of happiness and elevated energy. These effects are highly beneficial to people suffering from depression and anxiety.

On the other hand, kratom might still be awaiting its approval from the FDA, but that doesn’t mean that it might not help alleviate the same conditions. Used throughout Southeast Asia for centuries as a natural remedy and a mood enhancer, different strains of kratom produce different effects when it comes to your energy levels. Some strains have a sedative effect, helping you sleep, while others may help you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Ensuring a good night’s sleep

CBD might not be a sedative, but that doesn’t mean that its range of health benefits does not extend to sleep and total-body rest and relaxation. The problem with insomnia is that it is usually linked to high-stress levels, deep emotional anxiety, and even physical conditions. You could have trouble falling asleep if your workout was particularly grueling, if you’re having problems at work, or for any number of stressful reasons. CBD, when taken before bed, can help you banish physical and psychological stress, and help you sleep better.

As for kratom, it too can be an essential part of treating sleep disorders, including insomnia. Studies have shown that, as a psychoactive compound similar to THC, kratom can alleviate mental anxiety and stress, and put the mind and body in a relaxed state, depending on the type of strain you use. The combination of lower anxiety, reduced pain and inflammation, and its sedative effect make it a potent sleeping agent.

Managing and alleviating pain

Both CBD and kratom are potent pain management agents. However, this is where the quality of the supplement comes into play, as you need to find the best place to buy kratom and CBD products in order to ensure that you’re obtaining quality products that will deliver on the expected benefits. Pain relief, as one of the main reasons for CBD and kratom consumption, is one of those benefits. Even though CBD and kratom work quite differently on a molecular level, both have shown high promise of effective pain management.

When using kratom for the purpose of alleviating pain, you need to follow the recommended dosages and refrain from overconsumption in order to avoid side effects such as sweating, dizziness, or reduced appetite. Taken in moderation and responsibly, kratom can be a potent pain reliever just like CBD and other natural remedies.

Minimizing arthritis pain

While we are on the topic of pain management, let’s take a look at the effects of CBD and kratom when it comes to bone-degenerative illnesses such as arthritis. When the joints become inflamed due to arthritis, the only way to manage the pain is through prescription medicine or natural remedies. Unfortunately, prescription medication can cause numerous side effects and negatively impact the patient’s quality of life.

This is why using CBD is a viable, natural alternative, and a powerful way to stifle pain and improve whole-body performance, and even reduce pain significantly. CBD boasts anti-inflammatory properties that have shown to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, while kratom’s primary purpose is pain relief. Currently, there is not enough research to support kratom’s anti-inflammatory benefits, however, the powerful analgesic does reduce pain significantly.

Using natural supplements for opiate withdrawal

Patients tend to get “hooked” on prescription medicine, there is no doubt about that. Many drugs cause addiction and require long-term use, otherwise the symptoms tend to come back stronger than ever before. With that in mind, it’s important to note that both CBD and kratom have shown great promise as potent agents for opiate withdrawal. Most importantly, CBD and kratom can be used over the long term without all of the typical side effects of prescription drugs.

Final thoughts

CBD and kratom are not at odds with one another, nor is there a reason to search for a definitive winner, as both boast great health benefits and can be used to improve your quality of life over the years. With this information in mind, go ahead and choose the right supplement according to your current condition, and your long-term goals.