We Tried CBD Tinctures & Gummies by AUR

I’m on Bustle, checking it out and reading different articles when I come across these beautifully photographed CBD gummy candies and tinctures curated by AUR. The gummies were the most adorable little watermelons that look just like the Sour Patch watermelon gummies. Then followed the most delicious sounding tinctures, Milk Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Almond Milk.

Image via    Aur

Image via Aur

Aside from their eye catching packaging and content, AUR also provides important information on each of their products - which is becoming more and more important each day. As we see hemp and CBD being used more and growing as an industry, it’s imperative to know the source, quality, and consistency of the products we’re using.

Full Spectrum CBD

Their Mint Chocolate Tincture is made with a hemp isolate. For those of you who don’t know what CBD isolate is, it’s a strong crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. The Vanilla Almond Milk Tincture contains a Full Spectrum oil. Full Spectrum oils are becoming more and more popular; in this process the whole plant is used which not only extracts CBD into the oil, but also the terpenes and other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, etc.) that can be beneficial for the body. I prefer Full Spectrum and the other benefits that can come with using the entire plant, but the choice can vary based on what effect you are desiring.

Image via    Aur

Image via Aur

A few weeks later, I get a package in the mail for their Sour Watermelon Gummies and a bottle of their Vanilla Almond Milk Tincture; and it couldn’t of been better timing! Literally that next morning I start my period and it was the worst I’d had in a while! The cramps we’re so intense and my body was only getting tighter and tighter from the pain making it worse, then I realized I had the new AUR products. Instantly I took two full droppers of the Vanilla Almond Milk tincture and hold it under my tongue for 30 seconds. (1 dropper = approx. 15mg) The flavor in my mouth was so fucking good! It was hands down the best tincture I’d tried yet. It tasted exactly like the name and I don’t even really need to drink water after. I did, only because two full droppers of tincture is a lot of oil in your mouth. Next I shoved a 5mg watermelon gummy in mouth but they were so good I ate 3.

About the time I got done eating the third gummy, I started to feel the relief from the tincture, which is why I love sublingual oils. However, I’ve tried a lot of CBD oils, like a lot. This was the only one I found to truly dull the pain of cramps, and to also do so somewhat immediately. To be honest, I was a little shocked. A delicious, well branded, and effective CBD product - FINALLY!

Anxiety and AUR

So through my entire period I continue to use the AUR products for my cramps and sure enough, it continues to work. Even during an anxiety attack about a month later, which we are all prone to here and there, I used the Vanilla Almond Milk Tincture, held it under my tongue for 30+ seconds (crucial!!) and voila! I started to feel more grounded and calm,  I was able to start talking myself down and taking deep breaths.

It’s really no wonder that CBD is becoming such a popular remedy, it truly can help with a variety of ailments, as long as you are using high quality and trusted products and are using them correctly. Let us know all your CBD questions, and we’ll work our best to answer them, or find people who can.