420 Friendly Cities You Need to Visit in 2024

Planning a trip in 2024? Why not visit one of these weed-friendly destinations? Remember that not all these cities boast legal weed, but they do have thriving cannabis scenes.
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Cannabis tourism has exploded in recent years, if you are looking for a weedy 420-friendly destination then check out these 10 cities where consumption is either legalized or decriminalized. 

1- Vancouver, British Columbia

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Vancouver is a gorgeous city with immaculate vibes— all against a backdrop of stunning natural scenery. As a pioneer in the cannabis tourism industry, Vancouver plays a crucial role in shaping the workforce development and skills needed for this burgeoning sector, alongside promoting the growth of cannabis tourism with its unique attractions. Known for its friendly residents and mild climate, it’s a perfect place for a 420 getaway.

Dispensaries are plentiful, offering a wide range of legal weed products, as are tourist attractions you can check out after a big meal at a local restaurant and an after-lunch joint. I highly recommend checking out the renowned New Amsterdam Cafe for comedy night in a true coffee-shop environment. However, if you’re visiting in April, you won’t want to miss the annual 420 Vancouver event, which is an insanely immersive experience featuring live music, art, and community in the spirit of celebrating cannabis freedom. If you want to get back to nature a bit, check out a cannabis farm tour, where you can learn about cultivation before relaxing at a local café with a cannabis-infused drink.

2- Nelson, British Columbia

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The National Post called this city “Canada’s pot capital” and sometimes it seems like everybody here is either growing or smoking weed all the time. There is a distinct hippie/outdoorsy vibe and access to lots of skiing, hiking, biking, and other activities. If strolling around downtown is more your thing, the downtown core is known for its walkability, excellent restaurants, and pretty Victorian architecture. Nelson’s unique blend of outdoor activities and vibrant cannabis culture makes it an attractive destination for cannabis tourists.

3- Seattle, Washington

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Seattle has legalized recreational cannabis, making it a prime destination for cannabis lovers. This city not only boasts amazing coffee, tons of galleries and museums, but is also home to several reputable cannabis companies such as DOPE magazine, WikiLeaf, and Vela Cannabis. You can even take a tour and get a behind-the-scenes peek at how extracts are made and visit a glass blower’s studio. For those who appreciate the move to legalize recreational cannabis, Seattle offers a unique blend of cultural and cannabis-related activities, ensuring a memorable experience. If you ask me, the perfect way to spend the day is wandering around (and eating everything) at The Public Market and then checking out the Ferris wheel downtown, all while enjoying my favorite strain of Washington weed.

4- Montevideo, Uruguay

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Here’s a quick history lesson for you: Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay which was the world’s first country to legalize cannabis back in 2013. Government-grown pot, including medical cannabis, is sold in pharmacies for as little as just over $1 a gram. For a time THC limits were capped at 2% but have recently been upped to 9% – a respectable enough percentage if you ask me. The key to enjoying a weedy stay in Uruguay? Knowing a local – they’re not trying to be a cannabis tourism destination, but with the move to legalize recreational cannabis, it just might happen by mistake.

5- Cannabis Culture in Barcelona, Spain

cannabis clubs can be found in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona merges its rich artistic heritage with a discreet yet vibrant cannabis culture, appealing to cannabis lovers with its unique offerings. While not entirely legal, cannabis is decriminalized in private settings, allowing the city to host a network of private cannabis clubs and cannabis dispensaries where members and visitors can explore a range of options from cannabis-infused dinners to craft cannabis breweries. These establishments cater specifically to cannabis enthusiasts, providing luxurious and memorable experiences. To join the clubs or access the dispensaries, you’re gonna need to make some local connections as a legitimate address in Barcelona is required – no, a hostel or hotel address won’t cut it. This exclusivity makes Barcelona one of the biggest hotspots for weed around the globe, especially with events like Spannabis, the world’s largest cannabis conference, drawing global attention each spring. Whether you’re coming for the beautiful beaches, football, or stunning architecture, you’ve gotta try the Piattella Hash. Known for its exceptional flavor and texture, this world-class hash is both potent and creamy, thanks to a unique cold-curing process that preserves the trichomes of fresh frozen plants.

6- Denver, CO 

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Whether you’re hitting the trails or exploring the city, Denver invites a unique blend of outdoor activity and cannabis exploration. The city boasts more dispensaries than Starbucks— seriously. There’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re into smoking some of the country’s finest weed and hitting the slopes or just cruising through the city and catching a live show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver is about as 420-friendly as it gets. Check out Hostel Kush for lodging, and start your day with a big breakfast at a local cafe. If you arrive in time for 4/20, you can check out the Mile High 420 Fest, which is free and held in the heart of the city every year. There are also tours available for every facet of the cannabis industry, from glass blowing to concentrate making and back. While public consumption is still illegal in Denver, the recent legalization of consumption lounges offers designated private spaces for tourists to smoke weed legally. The International Church of Cannabis offers non-traditional spiritual experiences with its vividly painted nave and laser light shows, and Meow Wolf is a gorgeous interactive art installation that will definitely feed your senses while you ride your high. The vibe in Denver is immaculate— you won’t want to miss it. Denver’s significant contribution to weed tourism, with its array of cannabis-friendly activities and events, underscores its economic and cultural impact on the industry.

7- The Rif Mountain Region in Morocco 

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Nestled in Morocco’s rugged Rif mountains, villages in this region are renowned for their rich history of cannabis cultivation. Even though weed is totally illegal here, it’s a cash crop for people who live in this area. For generations, local families have mastered the art of producing artisanal hash, making the Rif a key player in global hash production. However, Morocco may shift its ideas about cannabis soon. The 2021 legalization of weed for industrial, medicinal use, and discussions to legalize recreational cannabis hint at changing tides towards embracing recreational marijuana. Visitors interested in cannabis culture can explore this area’s deep-rooted traditions and scenic plantations, offering a unique glimpse into a world where ancient practices meet potential new beginnings in cannabis regulation. Just keep in mind that while the Rif Mountains are a gorgeous, remote area, there is very little infrastructure in this area, and it feels a lot like stepping into the wild west.

8- Kathmandu, Nepal 

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Kathmandu, once the iconic hub of the Hippie Trail, remains steeped in its rich history of cannabis culture despite its current illegal status. The legendary Freak Street, or Jhochhen Tole, which in the 60s was lined with government-licensed shops selling marijuana, still resonates with the old hippie spirit. Today, it attracts tourists with its vibrant mix of tattoo parlors, eateries, and handicraft stores, offering a glimpse into its colorful past. Although selling cannabis is no longer legal, its use during religious ceremonies like Shivaratri shows the cultural acceptance still prevalent in Nepal. The remote, mountainous geography facilitates discreet cultivation, keeping traditional methods alive, such as the creation of temple ball hash — a highly prized form of hashish made by hand-rubbing cannabis flowers to extract the resin. The vibe? Gorgeous. The people are friendly, the architecture is impeccable, and there’s plenty to see and do. If you get the chance to visit, make sure to make some friends— they’ll show you to the good stuff. This unique blend of cultural acceptance and rich cannabis history positions Kathmandu as a potential hotspot for marijuana tourism, appealing to cannabis tourists seeking authentic experiences.

9- Legal Cannabis in San Francisco, CA

golden gate, golden gate bridge, california

San Francisco has always been a vibrant hub for cannabis culture in the US. A cornerstone of the 1960s counterculture movement, the city boasts a rich cannabis heritage that integrates seamlessly with its iconic landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge, and vibrant neighborhoods with gorgeous architecture, restaurants, and shops. Visitors over 21 can explore sophisticated dispensaries and smoking lounges that cater to various forms of cannabis consumption, like Barbary Coast, which offers a nostalgic vibe, and Moe Greens, which offers a ton of entertainment, like drag shows and comedy events. The city’s deep-rooted advocacy shines in its commitment to restorative justice, with cannabis businesses often led by those previously marginalized by the War on Drugs. Whether strolling through Haight-Ashbury or enjoying world-class arts and food, cannabis serves as a perfect complement to the San Francisco experience. The people are friendly and progressive, and there’s plenty to do. Whether it’s a cannabis tour or just blazing as you explore, you’ll have a wonderful time in San Francisco. San Francisco also plays a pivotal role in the burgeoning cannabis tourism industry, attracting visitors with its cannabis-friendly activities and historical significance in cannabis culture.

10- Cannabis Tourism in Nimbin, Australia

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Australia still has intense anti-weed laws, but in Nimbin, nestled in the lush hills of New South Wales, things are different. Known as Australia’s unofficial weed capital, this vibrant town retains its flower-power charm with tie-dyed shops and eclectic smoke shops dotting its streets, making it a unique destination for those interested in the culture and experience of legal weed. Residents aren’t too worried about enjoying weed openly here, as the spirit of the 1960s counterculture movement thrives. Famous for its colorful Mardi Grass festival—a celebration and protest of cannabis culture—Nimbin attracts visitors with its eclectic mix of tie-dye shops, smoke shops, and the educational Hemp Embassy shop. While the legal framework in Australia remains restrictive, Nimbin provides a sanctuary where cannabis enthusiasts can explore the plant’s potential amidst a backdrop of stunning natural beauty and a fiercely independent community spirit. Whether you’re exploring its historical streets or engaging with the local community, Nimbin offers a distinctive and welcoming atmosphere that champions both the cannabis plant and an alternative lifestyle. Despite national restrictions, Nimbin significantly contributes to weed tourism, showcasing the economic and cultural value of cannabis through its vibrant community and events.


Whether it’s for medicinal, recreational, or spiritual purposes, visiting these cannabis tourism destinations provides a gateway to understanding the global landscape of cannabis, each with its own story of acceptance, innovation, and tradition. These destinations are increasingly appealing to both cannabis lovers and cannabis tourists, offering unique experiences tailored to their interests. Which one are you checking out first? Any spots we should add?

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Nicole Flanigan is a cannabis industry powerhouse with over eight years of hands-on experience across the board. From cultivating top-shelf strains to fine-tuning concentrates, she's done it all— and lived... Read More

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About Author
Author Photo Nicole Flanigan

Nicole Flanigan is a cannabis industry powerhouse with over eight years of hands-on experience across the board. From cultivating top-shelf strains to fine-tuning concentrates, she's done it all— and lived... Read More

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