A Cannabis Infused Salve by blyssful ALCHEMY

Cannabis infused topicals can be a godsend for a number of ailments. From face serums and spot treatments to joint balms and muscle rubs, cannabis has been labelled a super ingredient for its myriad of benefits.

We met with S. Siobhan McCarthy of blyssful ALCHEMY to learn how to make our own cannabis infused salve at home.

S. Siobhan is the founder of blyssful ALCHEMY, a vancouver event space and community hub providing cannabis education and workshops. Here you can learn how to make anything from DIY cannabis bath bombs to cannabis edibles, or participate in yoga and guided mediation classes, among many others.

This special blyssful ALCHEMY recipe is a blend of medicinal herbs and oils and is ideal for the home medicine cabinet. It can be used on burns, bites, scars, spots and even as a hydrating eye balm, perfect to keep ageing at bay.

blyssfullALCHEMY salve DIY



Cannabis 17 grams

Chamomile ¼ cup

Rose ¼ cup

Jasmine ¼ cup

Comfrey ¼ cup

Calendula ¼ cup

Nettle ¼ cup

Lavender ¼ cup

Helichrysum 1 TBSP

St Johns Wort ¼ cup (or 4 teabags)



Olive Oil 2 cups

Castor Oil 1 cup

St Johns Wort Oil ¼ cup

Comfrey Oil ¼ cup

Borage Oil 1 TBSP

Coconut Oil 2 cups


Cocoa butter 1 cup

Beeswax 1 cup


Neroli ¼ tsp

Lavender ¼ tsp

Geranium ¼ tsp

Rosemary ¼ tsp

Petitgrain ¼ tsp

Clary Sage ¼ tsp

Frankincense ¼ tsp

Cilantro ⅛ tsp

Helichrysum ⅛ tsp

Vitamin E - D Alpha Tocopherol ⅛ tsp

Vitamin E - T 50 Antioxidant Tocopherol ⅛ tsp

The ‘‘all-purpose salve’ makes 10 x 200ml jars, a generous personal stash or ideal for gifts. Better yet, get your squad together for a cannabis infused cook off, because nothing brings buds together quite like weed in the kitchen.


  1. Grind cannabis and spread out on baking paper. Bake in a preheated oven at 240 F for 22-25 minutes. This is lower than the standard temperature to decarboxylate (activate) cannabis as the plant will be further cooked throughout the salve making process.

  2. Separate the cannabis into two batches, one with approximate 10 grams and the other with approximately 7 grams.

  3. In a large glass bowl combine all base oils, except for the coconut oil. Add in all the dried plants, including 10 grams of the decarboxylated cannabis. Cook in a double broiler for 2-3 hours on very low and stir frequently. This process will extract the cannabinoids and terpenoids creating your infused, medicated oil. The longer you cook the mixture, the better.

    Note: Siobhan leaves hers in a slow cooker on the ‘warm’ function for up to a week, it’s important to stir the mixture frequently as the low and slow process, alongside agitation ensure the plants beneficial properties are extracted.

  4. Follow the same steps to infuse the remaining 7 grams of cannabis with the coconut oil.

  5. Melt cocoa butter on stove top using a heat proof glass jar. Combine base oils with cocoa butter and allow to cool.

  6. Once the mixture has cooled to room temperature stir in all the essential oils.

    Note: your base oil is now ready. This oil can be used as a medicated topical by itself, it is vegan friendly and perfect for night time face application.

  7. Beeswax is what transforms the medicated oil into a salve. Melt 1 cup worth of beeswax in a pan or pot and pour into the oil mixture. You will have to work quickly as the salve will start to set almost immediately.

    Note: here you will start to get an idea of the consistency, if you feel the mixture is too oily you can always add in some more wax.

  8. Using an inversion blender mix the salve until smooth and pour into sterile jars. Amber jars are ideal as they stop light from penetrating and help extend the salves shelf life. Also be sure to store in a cool, dry place and use within a few months.