Cannabis Helps, Period.

Most women at some point in our lives or another face excruciatingly painful cramps. If you’re like me, you regularly get them during your period and they can be so intense they stop you in your tracks. So what do you do? While some may pop a Midol, Advil, or another pain med, I prefer cannabis. I don’t take pills for much, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I have taken one. No judgement if you do! I just prefer to stay off big Pharma unless in dire situations.

You may know that yes, smoking cannabis and eating edibles can dull the pain, but I have found a more efficient and quicker way to ease cramps and I want to share these tastics in hopes it will help you too.

Cannabis Lubricant

The number one thing I do to help with my cramps, is use cannabis infused lubricant. Especially on the first day, when you feel like you just want to crawl into a ball and never leave your bed again. Whether you use a Diva Cup or organic cotton tampons, cannabis lubricant works. [Side note, please for the love of your health and body, if you use tampons or pads, ONLY GET ORGANIC COTTON. The toxins and shit they put in our tampons are causing so many issues for women.]

I find that putting the lubricant directly on my diva cup or tampon before using it immensely helps relieve my cramps. The lubricant I use has been a favorite of mine for years, and is created by a small company from Eugene, Oregon called Genesis Pharms. The manbehind the operation, Sean is literally a saint doing the Goddess’ work. He crafted this cannabis lubricant that is infused with RSO, an extremely potent form of cannabis that is known for its medical properties with cancer patients, also known as Rick Simpson Oil. Sean and his wife Kassy are on a mission and have a passion for reducing the pain and suffering others go through. So when he created this product and Kassy’s friend who suffers from endometriosis found that it helped greatly, they knew the were on to something.

Cannabis lubricant has many uses, and is a wonderful addition to the bedroom, but also helps many women with a variety of pelvic issues, whether monthly or daily.


I don’t fully understand this magical product, or get how it works so damn well, but it does! The relief is almost instantaneous. I rub this on my stomach or back, right where my cramps are and where the pain is located, then soon the slight tingle from the peppermint starts and the pain is gone. Cramps are just gone and your stomach feels nice and cool from the peppermint. It’s actually mind-blowing how well this works. A dear friend of mine who frequently gets ovarian cysts and has the most epic issues with her pelvic bowl (think: two surgeries and has never found relief from her pain) loves this too.

It is the only thing that works for her, even out of prescription painkillers, she swears by this cream.

Side Note: Beeza is currently sold out until June on their website. If you would like to purchase, please visite Fleur Marche.

When in doubt, puff it out

Lastly, you guessed it, go smoke more weed. When in doubt, puff it out. Period pains are no joke, and it can feel like you’re unable to move on with your day. But often many of us can’t stop our days when these pains come, so arm yourself with the tools you need to make it through your day as painlessly as possible. If you work a job that you can’t step outside to hit your vape pen, then get a CBD vape pen or tincture. These can still be effective ways to dull your pains.