Cannabis Commercials; AS Seen on YOUTUBE

The world is well on its way to seeing legal cannabis become the norm and this has never been more evident than it is now, with a slew of product and service commercials finding audiences on YouTube. 

Similar to alcohol and tobacco, cannabis will likely need to adhere to specific requirements in advertisements. This means not using imagery and verbiage that would appeal to children, not making claims of efficacy or promises such as "You'll be Smarter, Sexier, Richer" etc. Smart marketers will find fun and innovative ways to promote their products and this is only the beginning so we decided to round up and share with you a bunch of cannabis ads we found on YouTube. 

If we missed any, tweet us at @itstheHerBLife and we'll add your suggestion to the list!

Crop King Seeds

Marijuana Policy Project

Cannabis Growers of Canada