Cannabis Chocolate + Cramps

By Leighana Martindale

With being a woman comes the territory of periods, and with periods can come cramps. Personally, I get some pretty gnarly ones at times. The type that feel paralyzing and you can’t move out of the one and only position that relieves them - or worse - you can’t even find a position to relieve them!  And If you’re also like me, you get a craving for some chocolate during your moontime!

So this month I tried something new, I used some medicated chocolate to help ease the tension and it was great! Not only did I satisfy that sweet tooth with a healthier-than-most snack, but I was able to be more comfortable during that time of the month when things aren’t the most comfortable.

Image credit: Leighana Martindale

Image credit: Leighana Martindale

Now... Let's share this wonderful recipe I use with you!

Fruit + Melted Chocolate

Image Credit: Leighana Martindale

Image Credit: Leighana Martindale


  • Coconut Milk

  • 70% Dark Chocolate Morsels

  • Medicated Chocolate (I used a 25mg piece from Buuda Bomb)

  • Sliced Fruit


In a small pan on low heat add the dark chocolate and a small amount of coconut milk, add as needed. Stir until melted and add medicated chocolate, DO NOT OVERHEAT. Stir until melted and take off the stove top. Dip your fruit into some delicious chocolate and enjoy!

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