Behind the Scenes: What You Should Know About Your Local Dispensary

I am a Certified Health Coach and I believe in Cannabis. I believe in the right to acquire safe, consistent and pure cannabis products. This is where dispensaries play a vital role and can make a major impact - having a lasting benefit on an individual, a community, the economy and much more.

I have worked with clients on a holistic and lifestyle level and have (when appropriate) suggested various cannabis products for their specific needs. In my opinion, the use of certain cannabis remedies such as CBD, CBN and 1:1 ratios in forms of tinctures, extracts or specific strains is a far safer route to go than over the counter medications.

Medical Cannabis and A Healthy Lifestyle

For many people, there is an underlying root cause of their ailment. And while I do advocate and support the use of cannabis, it is important to be aware of emotional and physical traumas. Cannabis is to be respected and administered as an additional support with other lifestyle approaches and for those seeking a more medicinal approach to specific ailments such as depression, PTSD, Crohn's disease, certain forms of cancer etc. it can be a daunting experience navigating what to use, dosages and quality of the product.

Dispensaries can be a wealth of information for these individuals and nowadays you can find establishments that have a professional to help discuss the products and recommend what may be best. However, there are some that may push products to the consumer - not having their health and best interest in mind. 

How safe and authentic is your local dispensary? Some questions that should be asked:

  • If there is a "Dr" to consult with prior to accessing the products - what is this "Drs" credentials? Are they educated on the use of cannabis? Be sure to ask. There are other educated practitioners such as Health Coaches and Holistic Nutritionists that may be educated and able to assist. However, they are not doctors. If the establishment is advertising them as such, this is dishonest.

  • Is the price right? Often times dispensaries will jack up the prices of products at an unnecessary rate that they purchase from humble small companies. Check the company name of a certain product. It may be likely that this product has it's own retail online with a lower cost. Research the company and get to know who is the actual manufacturer.

  • More often than not, unfortunately, it may just be a money grab. Do you feel pushed to purchase cannabis products when you are simply seeking information? 

Of course, there are those that are in the market to just acquire the bud for recreational use and then be on their merry way. This is all fine and good, no harm done there! But for those who are seeking guidance, are newer to the use of cannabis and are needing more support with what to use, why and when - then I recommend asking these questions to take initiative on your health and finding responsible resources that are passionate about your health and well-being and bringing you quality products.

As the consumption of cannabis products are on the rise - companies and dispensaries are popping up everywhere ready to be a part of what is sure to be a booming business. It can be overwhelming but rest assured there are companies out there with integrity and a thoughtful mission. Become an aware and savvy consumer and always ask questions. This will ensure the best for you, your loved ones, community and bring support to companies that have you and your health in mind.