Aurora Cannabis Expands Compassion Pricing Program

On May 1 2019 medical cannabis producer announced that the company will be expanding their compassionate pricing program. Previously available to Canadians who with household revenues of $24,000 or less the program has been updated so that those who make as much as $30,000 annually could be eligible for as much as 30% off the price of medication.

To qualify for Aurora’s Compassionate Pricing Program, you will need:

 • Proof that you receive financial assistance from a federal or provincial disability program.

• A copy of your T5007 Statement of Benefits or “Notice of Assessment” from Canada Revenue Agency showing a total annual income $30,000 or less.

Additionally, Aurora will require the following information from your Notice of Assessment from the taxation year 2018 to determine whether you qualify:

  • Your name

  •    Your address

  •      The date the Notice of Assessment was issued

  •      The summary of Line 150 – your total income

Once approved, you will be able to order your medical cannabis through our online store at a 30% discount.