Aphria Creates a CBD-based Cosmetics Product Line for the German Market

Aphria Germany has launched their first CBD-based nutraceutical which is the first product in its CBD-based cosmetics line called CannRelief for the German market.


Featuring CBD derived from hemp, the CannRelief brand of products are going to be produced in the European Union and distributed through more than 13,000 pharmacies throughout Germany.

"We are excited to introduce our first brand of CBD products for the German nutraceutical and cosmetics market," said Jakob Ripshtein, President of Aphria. “We look forward to providing a full range of CannRelief CBD products this year."

CannRelief CBD oils are being sold in both a 5% and 10% CBD concentration and can be found in select stores across Germany. A range of skincare and other products, including creams, serums and masks will be introduced under the CannRelief brand in a phased rollout in 2019.

Lucky Germany, can’t wait until Canadians can access products like these.