A Comprehensive List of Slang Terms for Cannabis

What do you call your bud? Is it strictly "cannabis" for you or do you use slang terms like reefer, dope, or perhaps you enjoy more colourful terms like Electric Lettuce? Recently, the Canadian Government published a list of of popular and common slang terms for cannabis as part of their About Cannabis webpage and while we appreciate any effort that seeks to improve how people perceive and ultimately talk about cannabis we felt that the list was missing a few options.

Whatever your flavour, perhaps you'll spot a new name to work into your repertoire with this list of slang names that we worked tirelessly to source from all corners of the internet. 

You are welcome. 


Flower tops: Marijuana

Ganoobies: State of being stoned and laughing uncontrollably

Garbage: Inferior quality marijuana; low quality heroin

Get high: To smoke marijuana

Giggle smoke: Marijuana

Giggle weed: Marijuana

Golden leaf: Very high quality marijuana

Grass: Marijuana

Grass brownies: Marijuana infused brownies

Green goddess: Marijuana strain

Grow(s): Marijuana growing operations (indoor and outdoor)

Happy cigarette: Marijuana cigarette

Hay: Marijuana

Herb: Marijuana

Hit: To smoke marijuana; marijuana cigarette; Crack Cocaine

Homegrown: Marijuana grown at home

Honey blunts: Marijuana cigars sealed with honey

Hydrogrows: Indoor marijuana growing operations

Indica: Species of cannabis, found in hot climate, grows 3.5 to 4 feet

Indo: Marijuana term from Northern CA referring to hybrids of strains from Indonesia and Western countries

J: Marijuana cigarette

Jamaican gold: Marijuana

Jamaican red hair: Marijuana

Jane: Marijuana

Jay: Marijuana cigarette, short for "Joint"

Jive stick: Marijuana

Joint: Marijuana cigarette

Jolly green: Marijuana

Kali: Marijuana

Kansas Grass: Marijuana

Kawaii electric: Marijuana

Kentucky blue: Marijuana

KGB: (killer green bud)Marijuana

Kick stick: Marijuana cigarette

Kief: Resin from trichomes. Appears like dust and can be collected from grinders and added to joints and pipes.

Killer weed: Marijuana

Kona gold: Marijuana

Kush: Marijuana

Laughing grass: Marijuana

Lid: 1 ounce of marijuana

Love weed: Marijuana

M.J.: Marijuana

Magic smoke: Marijuana

Manhattan silver: Marijuana

Mary: Marijuana

Mary Jane: Marijuana

Matchbox: 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes

Maui wowie: Marijuana from Hawaii

Mexican green: Marijuana

Mexican red: Marijuana

Mighty mezz: Marijuana cigarette

Mow the grass: To smoke marijuana

Northern lights: Marijuana from Canada

Pack a bowl: To load a pipe or bong with cannabis in preparation for smoking

Panama gold: Marijuana

Panama red: Marijuana

Philly blunts: Like a regular blunt but longer.

Pinner: Very thin joint

Pot: Marijuana

Pre Roll: A joint thats already been rolled

Puff the dragon: To smoke marijuana

Queen Ann’s lace: Marijuana

Ragweed: Inferior quality marijuana

Reefer: Marijuana

Righteous bush: Marijuana

Roach: Butt of marijuana cigarette

Roach clip: Holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette

Ruderalis: Species of cannabis, found in Russia, grows 1 to 2.5 feet

Salad: Marijuana

Sativa: Species of cannabis, found in cool, damp climate, grows up to 18 feet

Schwagg: Marijuana that looks sparse and scraggly

Shake: The loose leaf at the bottom of a trim tray or bag of weed

Sinsemilla: Potent variety marijuana

Skunk: Marijuana

Skunkweed: Marijuana

Smoke a bowl: To smoke from a pipe or bong

Spark it up: To smoke marijuana

Spliff: Large marijuana cigarette

Stems: Marijuana plant stem sometimes found in amongst your stash.

Sticky icky: Marijuana

Stink weed: Marijuana

Swishers: Cigars in which tobacco is replaced with marijuana

Thai sticks: Bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo

Tin: Container for marijuana

Toke: To inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana; marijuana

Toke up: To smoke marijuana

Trees: Marijuana

Triple A: Marijuana from British Columbia

Twist: Marijuana cigarette

Wake and Bake: To smoke weed when you wake up

Weed: Marijuana

Whacky tabacky: Marijuana

Zig Zags: marijuana rolling papers

420: April 20th, cannabis celebration day. 4:20 aka the best time to smoke a joint.

710: Term for smoking hash oil due to the number resembling the word 'oil' upside-down.

A-bomb: Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium

Acapulco gold: Marijuana from S.W. Mexico; marijuana

Acapulco red: Marijuana

Afgani indica: Marijuana

African bush: Marijuana

Airhead: Marijuana use

Alice B. Toklas: Marijuana brownie

Amp Amphetamine: marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or embalming fluid, sometimes laced with PCP and smoked

Amp joint: Marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic

Angola: Marijuana

Ashes: Marijuana

Assassin of Youth: Marijuana

Astro turf: Marijuana

Atom bomb: Marijuana mixed with heroin

Aunt Mary: Marijuana

Baby bhang: Marijuana

Babysitter: Marijuana

Bad seed: Marijuana combined with peyote; heroin

Baker: Person who smokes marijuana

Bale: Marijuana

Bamba: Marijuana

Bambalacha: Marijuana

Bammies: A poor quality of marijuana

Bammy: Marijuana

Banano: Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine

Bazooka Cocaine: combination of crack and marijuana; crack and tobacco combined in a joint; coca paste and marijuana

BC bud: Marijuana from British Columbia; synonymous with any high-grade marijuana from Canada

Beedies: Cigarettes from India (resemble marijuana joints/vehicle for other drugs)

Bhang: Marijuana infused beverage, Indian term

Black bart: Marijuana

Black ganga: Marijuana resin

Black gold: High potency marijuana

Black mote: Marijuana mixed with honey

Blanket: Marijuana cigarette

Blast a joint: To smoke marijuana

Blast a roach: To smoke the last part of a joint, the roach

Blast a stick: To smoke marijuana

Blazing: Smoking marijuana

Blow a stick: To smoke marijuana

Blow one’s roof: To smoke marijuana

Blowing smoke: Marijuana

Blue de hue: Marijuana from Vietnam

Blue sage: Marijuana

Blue sky blond: High potency cannabis from Colombia

Blunt: Marijuana inside a cigar wrapper

Bo: Marijuana

Bo-bo: Marijuana

Bobo bush: Marijuana

Bogart a joint: Salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share

Bohd: To be very high

Bomber: Marijuana cigarette

Bong: Water pipe used to smoke marijuana

Boot the gong: To smoke marijuana

Brick: Applies to both cocaine and marijuana; 1 kilogram of marijuana

Broccoli: Marijuana

Bud: Marijuana

Buda: Marijuana

Burn one: To smoke marijuana

Butter flower: Marijuana

Cambodian red/Cam red: Marijuana from Cambodia

Candy blunt: Blunts dipped in cough syrup

Catnip: Marijuana cigarette

Chase: To smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana

Cheeba: Marijuana

Chiba chiba: Marijuana

Chicago black: Marijuana, term from Chicago

Chicago green: Marijuana

Chiefing: To smoke marijuana and forget to pass the bong, joint or pipe.

Chocolate Thai: Nickname for weed and also a cannabis strain

Chronic: Good, good weed.

Clam bake: Sitting inside a car or other small, enclosed space and smoking marijuana

Cocoa puff: To smoke cocaine and marijuana

Colas: The flowers on a cannabis plant

Colorado cocktail: Marijuana

Crazy weed: Marijuana

Dagga: Marijuana from South Africa

Dank: Cannabis that is dark, sticky, gooey, and potent

Dawamesk: Marijuana infused paste

Dirt grass: Inferior quality marijuana

Dirties: Joints with powder cocaine added to them

Ditch weed: Inferior quality marijuana

Domestic: Locally grown marijuana

Doob: Joint

Doobee/Doobie/dubbe/duby: Joint

Dope: Marijuana; heroin; any other drug

Dusting: Adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana; Using inhalants

Fatty: Big joint

Fire it up: To smoke marijuana

Flower: Marijuana


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