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High There; The Dating App For Weed Lovers

While scrolling and swiping on a dating app can be fraught with potential disaster and disappointment it's weirdly addictive and thrilling to see who you match with, but what if you're a pothead who just wants to find her next smoking buddy? If you just can't see yourself spending time with a non-smoker or worse, a prohibitionist how do you weed out the people who would harsh your buzz?

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Embrace Self Care

I literally can’t stop making post-it notes.

Every few minutes I scan my desk which is covered with 10 or more post-its, trying to figure out where to focus my energy. As I crumple up one post-it, I almost immediately put another post-it note on my desk which often includes five more tasks. My job is hectic, crazy, and I love it. But my to-do list never ends, and an empty inbox is a pipe dream.

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