The St. Patty Day's Collection of Curated Accessories

By Unity Marguerite Whittaker, Creative Director and Co-founder BlyssCloud

St. Patty’s Day represents a celebration of Irish culture through extensive drinking, wearing green and leprechauns (side note: Leprechaun is a derogatory stereotype based on 19th Century caricatures of Irish people).

The Christian work and story of Saint Patrick being a slave in Ireland at the age of 16 in the 5th Century is no longer part of our dialogue.  During his time in slavery he had an enlightenment experience where he felt god working within him.  When he made it home to his family in Roman Britain, he joined their generational legacy of being priests.  He returned to Ireland years later working with shamrocks to represent the Holy Trinity to spread the message of Christianity.  He died on March 17th in Ireland; this day is so important, that it’s a public holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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It was in 1762 in the United States, that March 17th became synonymous with Ireland due to the increase of Irish immigrants celebrating their traditions and homeland on St. Patty’s Day.

It’s now celebrated all over the world by many cultures with a focus on getting as drunk as possible on green beer dancing to Irish tunes and watching parades.

It’s time to shift this celebration back to its roots of being a feast celebrating a human using a plant to spread knowledge and inclusiveness.  Moving forward let’s spark up the green and chill out on this global day celebrating Irish culture.

Here are 9 tools to start your new Saint Patty’s Day traditions: