7 Top Strains for the Best Sexual Experience

The ability of cannabis to act as a therapeutic ingredient is long known to people. Being a potent source of pain-alleviating, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory properties has made cannabis a prominent option in the field of health and wellness industry. From its use in treating symptoms of major ailments to the beauty benefits that it provides to your skin, cannabis has been used for centuries now to tackle a plethora of health-related concerns with utmost versatility. But its efficiency is not just limited to that.

Did you know that cannabis even acts as a great catalyst to enhance your sexual experiences? Surprisingly researches say that it does affect your libido while making your whole intimate experience a lot exciting than before.

The nature of cannabis to heighten the sensory perception of its users says a lot about its role in improving the quality of your intimate time. The basic effects that marijuana users experience after ingesting high-quality strains usually (but not always) include calming nerves, sensitivity to touch and a feeling of euphoria that one gets after getting rid of anxiousness. Understanding these sensations now explains well how cannabis can all but improve the experience that intimacy brings.

So to help you out with your sexy cannabis journey, we have compiled a list of seven of our top strains to get the best sexual experience. These strains will have different strengths and effects on your senses, so make sure that you choose the ones that fit your needs best and maybe be prepared to experiment a little bit until you find the right fit. Also, the method that you prefer to consume these strains makes a big difference in its impact, whether it is through vaping, edibles or glass bongs.

Sour Diesel

It is impossible to compile a list of the best strains for sex and not add Sour Diesel. These Sativa-dominant strains are known to provide you with a positive and energetic high that can spice up your night to a large extent. Smoking these sour-tasting strains will affect your mind and body in an exhilarating way that will make you crave more of your partner. If you’re looking to spend an wild night with your partner, then Sour Diesel is your go to.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights offers you a mind-numbing high that can help you loosen your body and relieve stress and physical pain. Although Sativa strains are often thought to be effective during sexual experiences, Indica strains are equally capable and shouldn’t be ignored. After a long day at work, a little passionate lovemaking to releases all your stress sounds ideal.

Grandaddy Purple

Here is another quality Indica strain that provides you and your partner a relaxing time in bed. Your intimate night is incomplete without a little post-coital cuddle session. For all those who cuddling enthusiasts who want to snuggle after a wild session, this might be the strain for you. Grandaddy Purple gets our vote for the best after-sex intimacy with your loved one.

Sour Dream

The Sour Dream strain brings out the tanginess in your mingling time, making it a lot more unique. This strain provides you with a mind-enhancing and uplifting boost that can make your intimate moments better than before.


For the times when you feel a little naughty and experimental, Jillybean is the perfect strain to break out. Cerebral, stimulating Jillybean gives you a mental and physical euphoric kick that leaves you uplifted. This strain is known to trigger your creative senses so might be the best to use during a sexual experience that gets a little kinky. Mixing up creativity and confidence can upgrade your sexual experience to a whole new level, so try it out soon.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze acts as a quick mood lifter while offering you a decent cerebral high. This elevation of mood might lead you to lose your insecurities. If you wish to experience a playful time with your partner, then this is the perfect strain for you.

Lambs Bread

Lamb’s Bread heightens your senses, making you feel a energetic and stress free. Bonus: Lamb’s Bread is also known for its antidepressant qualities.