Social Time for Stoners: Try This For Your Next Dinner Party

By: Andrew Freedman; The Cannabis Sommelier

Offer a welcome drink and cannabis pairing

  • Prosecco

  • Super Silver Haze

Meant to be drunk fresh and fruity prosecco is a great welcome drink. Always having a bottle chilled means everyday is a special occasion. Super Silver Haze pairs perfectly with welcoming someone into your home for a dinner party. Fun and uplifting. Its sweet citrus characteristics mingle perfectly with the bubbles, sweetness and refreshing citrus characters of prosecco.
Pro tip – buy a bottle with DOCG (which is the highest designation of quality among Italian wines) on the label to guarantee the best quality.

Cheese, wine, cannabis anyone?

  • Sauvignon Blanc

  • Goat cheeses (brie, sharp cheddar)

  • White Widow

The refreshing goose berry and grass characteristics of sauvignon blanc make it a great companion to cannabis. White Widow with its woodsy, flowery, earthy tones compliment a simple sauvignon blanc. The cannabis and wine are perfectly balanced by some creamy brie or nice sharp cheddar. Goat cheeses in general are great with sauvignon blanc.

Pro tip- try a white wine from Sancerre in France. You will not be disappointed!

Sips and salad

  • German Riesling

  • Mixed Greens

  • Citrus Skunk

Look for a spatlese or auslese level German riesling guaranteeing some residual sugar in the bottle. This lends itself well to different salad dressings (might I suggest a simple oil and vinegar). The riesling pairs incredibly well with citrus skunk creating a candied mandarin effect on the palate.

The main. Time for red

  • Red meat

  • Red wine

  • Purple cannabis

Red meat and red wine. The classic pairing. The reason it works so well because of science (it’s all about those tannins) . I won’t bore you with the details. Look for big bold cannabis strains like OG kush or GG #4 to round out this heavy hitter course. Drinking red wine is the only time I suggest smoking cannabis, because of that science I mentioned earlier.

Bubbles for desert… OKAY!

Bubbles again, sure, why not. I don’t think we drink enough bubbles! Champagnes is a great partner for tropical smelling cannabis. With its yeasty bready notes complimenting sweeter tones in cannabis. Look for strawberry banana or papaya strains to pair with your very best vintage champagne.

What a great dinner party! I had a blast!

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