5 Pipes That Will Infuse Your Cannabis with the Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals are a powerful tool for healing and have long been used for their energetic properties. Different types of crystals have multiple benefits that can help a person break bad habits, elevate mood, and deepen emotional and physical healing. Crystal properties are as variable as the stones themselves, adding them to daily routines will have you manifesting good vibes in no time.

When you add cannabis, another powerful tool for healing and elevating vibrations, you get a power couple like no other. Cannabis also has a history of being used for clearing energetic blockages, deepening meditation and in spiritual practices. Together, crystals and cannabis can be used for healing, mediation, improving mood, and alleviating physical discomfort.

These 5 crystal pipes will do more than just make a great Instagram post, they will elevate your cannabis experience to a new level.

Amethyst  - Trust and Intuition

Amethyst is a commonly used crystal with anything but common properties. Use this crystal in times of confusion, lowered immunity, anxiety or times of distress. Amethyst is great for setting goals, taking on new responsibility, and in meditation or for spiritual connectedness.

Use for - Crown Chakra, clarity, calmness, self-worth, balance, connecting, insight, stress relief, nightmares, emotional stability

Rose Quartz - Emotions, Love

When people think of rose quartz they think of love, but this crystal isn’t just for romantic love, it’s about deepening emotional connection. It can attract a soulmate, strengthen family bonds, release old emotional trauma, and soothe heartache. Rose quartz will help open your heart to all forms of love and emotional healing.

Use for - Heart Chakra, grief, emotion, romance, attraction, fertility, arousal, help sleeping, comfort, unconditional love, releasing anxiety

Zoisite - Productivity and Creativity

Zoisite is great to have by your side when you are hitting a creativity wall, using this stone can provide focus and nip procrastination in the bud. Zoisite can help you live authentically, reinvigorate old projects, provide focus, and help reach your business goals.

Use for: Crown Chakra, illness recovery, release fears, ease lethargy, productivity, reaching potential, nurturing skills/talents, psychic development, patience, passion

Clear Quartz - Overall Wellbeing

Quartz comes in many colours, each one with its own unique properties. Clear quartz is the jack-of-all-trades of the quartz family, best used to amplify your intent as it is emotionally neutral. This stone will bring clarity, help focus goals, and alleviate disturbing feelings.

Used for - memory, studying, focus, emotional stability, inner reflections, creativity, financial security, setting goals, converting energy, positivity

Labradorite - Transformation and Healing

Labradorite is an excellent stone to have by your side during times of change. It elevates consciousness, provides energetic grounding, and perseverance through challenges.

Use for - Throat Chakra, balancing emotions, removing negative energy, improve psychic abilities, healing, protection

If you don’t have a crystal pipe you can still enjoy the elevated vibrations of this power couple. Place your chosen crystals in your stash jar or at the base of your plant to infuse your cannabis with the stones energetic properties. Using crystal pipes, or infusing your cannabis with crystal energy, is a powerful way to enhance your experience and elevate your life. Next time you are in the mood to medicate and meditate reach for your favourite crystal!