5 Items That Will Replace Your Roach Clip

Remember roach clips? Those alligator clips often decorated with feathers and strips of leather that held your joint so the resin didn’t get all mucky on your fingers and teeth?

You don’t see them around as much anymore but thats okay because it’s 2018 and we have a whole bunch of alternatives… There are gold dipped holders, wearable holders, holders that hold multiple joints… Join us as we explore the modern roach clip.

High Society Gold Joint Holder

This handcrafted piece is made of brass dipped in 24k gold and designed to both hold your joint (with the circle top) and act as a tamper to aid in rolling. It would be cute on a chain around your neck.

$20 High Society Collection

High Society Collection

High Society Collection

Haute Smokes Fumette

The Bardot, a sterling silver joint holder with white sapphire stones is calling my name but there are several styles to choose from with pricing ranging from $65 to $295.

Shop here

Ankh Clip

This is the lovechild of Sweetflag and High Society Collection. This heirloom-inspired accessory is rendered in brass, and dipped in 24K gold.

You can get it at Sweetflag.club for $60

Ankh Clip

Ankh Clip

RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder (Limited Edition)

Handmade from brown knotwood this trident holder will triple the fun at your next safety meeting. It is an official RAW product but you can get it on Amazon.

$14 Amazon

Triple the fun

Triple the fun

Adaptable Smoking Ring by Smokey

This one is made of silicone and comes in many different colours. Its marketed to gamers as a hands free alternative for smoking while gaming. It’s not very pricey so you could splash out and get a couple colours if you wanted.

$2.50 Amazon