5 High CBD Strains You Should Know About Right Now

As interest in and enthusiasm for cannabidiol (CBD) continues to soar, licensed producers are rising to the occasion by breeding and cultivating new and exciting high-CBD strains for the dried flower market. Here are five dried flower strains that medical patients and recreational consumers alike are using for high-CBD benefits.

 CBD #1 by CannTrust (20% CBD, 1.5% THC)

This hybrid medical strain clocks in with the highest CBD content on the list, and patients are loving it to treat anxiety, stress and pain relief. Terpenes such as myrcene and pinene offer not only an earthy and piney aroma, but boost the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects of the CBD.


North Star CBD by AltaVie (16% CBD, 0.7% THC)

Available in: B.C., ON

This sativa-dominant strain boasts dense frosty buds that are grown indoors, hang-dried and hand-trimmed. It has a lovely floral aroma with earthy, fruity and spicy notes from terpenes like pinene, myrcene and limonene. With the combination of CBD and myrcene, people are enjoying North Star for its relaxing and stress-relieving effects without intoxication. North Star is also available in soft gel capsules.

Temple by Aurora (14% CBD, 1% THC)

Available in: B.C., ON

Aurora’s high-CBD offering is a hybrid strain that is greenhouse grown and free from pesticides and gamma irradiation. Its medium-sized buds are accented by dark orange pistils and offer up an earthy aroma with hints of fruit thanks to terpenes such as myrcene, pinene, limonene and linalool. Its low THC content makes Temple an option for daytime use.

Terra by HEXO (14% CBD, 1% THC)

Available in: QC

Terra is HEXO’s offering of the classic high-CBD strain Remedy.  Greenhouse grown in Gatineau, Que., Terra is named after the ancient Roman name for Mother Earth (Terra Mater), and this strain has an appropriately earthy and sweet profile. Consumers report feeling a relaxing experience boosted by its high myrcene content. Terra flower is also available in pre-rolled cones.

Moon by UP (9-12% CBD, 5.3-8% THC)

Available in: B.C., ON

This balanced strain offers the benefits of both CBD and THC for a mild and mellow experience good for daytime or evening use. The frosty buds have a distinct herbal aroma thanks to the terpene cymene (also found in thyme), which users report as having pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Terpenes eucalyptol (also in eucalyptus) and pinene (also in pine needles) add hints of earthiness and pine to both the aroma and flavour.