4 Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Story by: Leighana Martindale 

Cannabis can be used for so many different things, from physical ailments to mental health and anxiety, all the way to chilling at home and just about everything in between. One of my favorite and likely main reasons I use cannabis though, is for creative purposes. Finding outlets to use my creativity has always been a huge priority to me, which is why I absolutely love my job as the COO and Event Coordinator for Ladies of Paradise as well as contributor here at The Her(B) Life.

But when being creative becomes a responsibility, at times, there can be pressure and stress around creating. When we see ourselves becoming stressed to create is when we can become blocked, aka writer’s block. So how do we break these cycles and boost our creativity? How do you power past the block and stride through?

1. Get High

Not any old strain will work for this, but yes, getting high can help you tremendously when stuck in a creative rut or if you’re just looking to boost your creativity period. Specific strains and types of cannabis will work better than others and it will vary for each person. But for myself, I prefer a citrusy sativa. Tangie is my all time favorite and what I find to be the most effective when I need a creative boost. Something about limonene just really gets the wheels turning for me.

For your, I would recommend starting with your favorite sativa or hybrid. It’s going to be different for everyone, but just play around with the strains until you find your perfect fit. You can even keep a journal like the Goldleaf Cannabis Taster to rate each one over time and see which is your favorite. At the end of the day, you want something that uplifts you the most and also makes your wheels turn and think of things like, “Wouldn’t it be great if humans had three arms?”.  

2. Turn on the Brain Waves

Music is probably one of the most inspiring tools we have out there. Turn on your favorite jams that pump you up and get the juices in your body flowing, then live in that moment for a while. Dance around, smile, laugh, live your life and rock it out. There is no better way to get your brain excited than to dance around.

Then after you’ve got your blood pumping, turn it to something that is still uplifting, but maybe has no lyrics. My new favorite music to listen to when I am creating is Lo-Fi and JazzHop. There are these amazing artists coming out creating the most beautiful mixture of jazz and hip hop that will make you bounce to the beat while getting lost in a creative frenzy, especially if you completed step 1 first.

I recommend checking out Chillhop Music on Youtube, or going to the Focus section in Spotify to find some great brain food.

3. Get Out

So you got high and put your headphones in, now it’s time to leave the house, leave work, just go. Go for a walk, go to a coffee shop, go window shopping, whatever you do just get out. Getting out of your normal place inside can help you take a step outside the box in your head. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so just explore!

*Important Note: Never leave without at pen and paper or at least a fully charged device to take notes on. There’s never a bigger creative bummer than when you forget a golden idea because you didn’t write it down.

4. Find Inspiration!

At this point if you’ve followed steps one through three you are well on your way to being inspired. Sometimes it can take a while though so don’t be discouraged! Keep window shopping, read a book, people watch, journal, or whatever you feel you are called to do.

But just by being out in the world, submerging yourself in inspiring music, and getting a little stoned you will unlock something. And when in doubt, repeat step one as often as you need. You’d be surprised how much being high can open the mind and allow for creativity to flow.

These are my tricks I use to create weekly and I hope they help you. Please let us know what you think and if you have any other creative tricks up your sleeve.