3 Female Owned Luxury CBD Brands You Need to Hear About

CBD has become quite the huge deal and not the fad some thought it would be.

It’s actually turning into its own entire industry! With the rise in demand of CBD, we are also seeing a massive spike in supply. Some of these companies have amazing, high quality and truly healing products, while others are cheap, with compromised quality, and even some fake products from people just looking to “cash in”. However, with this rise in supply, we are also seeing some really bad ass luxury CBD brands come to the surface.

We sat down and talked with three different women owned companies about their products, their mission, and the luxury items they are bringing to the world of CBD.


Image via    Instagram

Image via Instagram

Founded by Tori Bodin, Dazey strives to normalize CBD, not just in the workplace but in everyday life. Dazey is a luxury CBD wellness company that makes three different strengths of sublingual tinctures all using a full spectrum oil.

These luxurious products stand out not only because of beautiful packages but through simplicity.  No flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives - just hemp and coconut oil. In today’s maximalist world, we sometimes forget simple can be the best, especially when it comes to your CBD tinctures.

Where do you source your oil?

We source our CBD from a farm just a few hours from our home in Seattle. We maintain a close relationship with the farmers and the hemp is grown organically under the sun, harvested, CO2 extracted, and bottled on-site. Our products are tested at a third-party lab and sent directly to us. It's a great partnership and one we take a lot of pride in.

Why do you feel CBD is important?

So many of us are under enormous amounts of daily stress and pressure - whether it be from managing a household, caring for others, or working a full-time job - and it's alarming to hear how many of us are turning to energy sources or mood stabilizers that have both immediate and long-term side effects - everything from caffeine to Tylenol or Xanax. CBD is important because not only can it be a natural alternative to OTC medications, but it can promote overall wellness and balance so that we start making more time for the daily rituals that matter. For me, CBD gives me a clarity that balances both productivity and creativity. It's something I can feel good about putting in my body each and every day.

And while CBD may sound like the latest trend in wellness to some, it was actually discovered in 1940 and first used therapeutically in the 1960's. It's recent recognition is more in part due to the progress made to fully legalize the cultivation and sale of CBD and hemp. And that's just another reason why CBD is so important - because it's not only normalizing the use of hemp, but it's opening conversations and initiating research for both hemp and cannabis. Dazey is excited, proud and optimistic about the future.

What is your best selling product?

Regular - the 700mg potency allows you to easily dose up or down.

To try some Dazey products, click here.

Fleur Marche

Image via    Instagram

Image via Instagram

Founded  by Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder this wellness and beauty shop is rethinking and redefining cannabis. With a plethora of CBD-infused wellness and beauty products ranging from tinctures, topicals, vape pens, edibles, skincare and more Fleur Marche is on a mission to rebrand cannabis as a wellness tool for women who want to feel better.

Where do you source your oil?

All of our brands source their hemp extract from US farms, all of which are either certified organic or growing according to organic standards (it has historically been very difficult for hemp farms to receive organic certification, so organically grown hemp is just now becoming more available). Equally important, however, is the testing that our brands are doing on their products. We require that they test for potency (presence of CBD), heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides, residual solvents and microbial content for all extract.

Why do you feel CBD is important?

The implications for how CBD can help people are wide ranging and really exciting. It's not only highly therapeutic in terms of issues that many modern women struggle with, but we haven't even scratched the surface of its potential benefits and the ways in which it can make us feel better.  

What sets Fleur Marche apart from other CBD shopping experiences?

Above all else, we are focused on being a user-friendly and trustworthy resource for female consumers interested in learning more about CBD. Our brand pillars – transparency, trust, and curation – inform everything we do, from the site design and layout, to the way we choose and vet our products, to the extremely transparent information we share on our website. We are holding ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to earning our customers’ trust and loyalty.

What are your best selling products?

Yuyo Botanics "PM Formula" - a nighttime tincture that supports a better night's rest.

The Good Patch "Calm Patch" - a transdermal patch that promotes calm and helps keep anxiety levels healthy.

To learn more about Fleur Marche check out their website.

Lady Jane

Image via    Instagram

Image via Instagram

Founded by two women, Megan and Jenny who set out to create not just any wellness and beauty brand, but one that is on a mission to help people stress a little less, laugh a little more, and empower those around you to do the same.

Firmly believing that CBD can be a cure for the 21st century - Lady Jane is ideal for daily wellness, maintaining a calm state of mind, and as a boost to your beauty routine! They create gorgeous CBD vaporizer pens and CBD oil that can be used orally or topically and will be launching some new products this Summer.

Where do you source your oil?

In an unregulated market, it’s important to know where your CBD comes from and understand that not all CBD is created equal. Our CBD oil is derived from sustainably-farmed, premium hemp grown in the rich, fertile soils of Kentucky.

Why do you feel CBD is important?

As two women working to achieve our personal and professional goals, we’ve experienced stressful environments and battled anxiety. We are guessing many women can relate. Society can be quick to diagnose us and prescribe pills for every issue, like anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids – we’ve both decided that isn’t the right route for us.

We believe in treating stress naturally at its roots however we can,  not just mindlessly medicating symptoms as a first step - that’s how we found and fell in love with CBD. CBD helps us stay chill while we juggle life's many priorities.

What sets your products apart from others?

Lady Jane is created by women who know first-hand that CBD heals - we develop products we believe in and use ourselves every day. Plus, Lady Jane products are designed to look as good as they make you feel.

What is your best selling product?

Our best seller is the gold CBD vaporizer pen. It's sleek and stylish and the perfect anytime companion to take the edge off or treat aches and pains. Our customers love that it doesn't contain any additives or flavorings, just whole plant goodness.

To try Lady Jane today, check out their website.

Today in a world where we are seeing CVS starting to sell CBD, and we have toxic companies like certain Select brands starting to dominate the sector,  it’s important that we do our due diligence to study and research these brands. To know what we’re consuming and what we’re supporting.