Taking A Bath with Miss Envy's Bath Bomb

50 mg THC


Who doesn't love bath bombs? Or shower melts if you're not a tub person? They smell great, they look pretty, they soften our skin and make a satisfying fizz when dropped into water. They're a sweet indulgence that are now being made with cannabis infusions. 

I spotted the Miss Envy Bath Bomb in a dispensary a while ago and remembered them because I'd seen their logo around, which is a reminder to all of us that design is so, so important! 

The bath bomb I got is unnamed, despite there being three different fragrances available so I can't tell you which one I had (it was citrusy) but I can tell you that the budtender let me smell them all and they were all really pretty - also, I have no idea how the budtender was able to tell them apart. 

You can purchase the bath bomb online for $12 but when I bought it from a local dispensary I only paid $10. 

Organic THC

On the company website, the bath bomb description says this: 100% organic THC-infused bath bombs, in three lavish scents. Each is a pleasant surprise, handmade with love! 50mg THC each bomb.

On the About page: Miss Envy Botanicals is dedicated to producing 100% organic medicinal cannabis products for MMAR/MMPR patients available at upscale dispensaries nation wide. We have a wide variety of products ranging from topical skin care, culinary additives, and cannabis oil/Phoenix tears. All of our creations are produced with only the best organic non-GMO ingredients and infused with love.

I have to say, I love the organic component. Considering some of the scary stuff available out there for people to spray on their weed, I like to hear that Miss Envy is using organic non-GMO, especially as I'm going to be soaking in it!


The instructions on the box suggest breaking the bath bomb in half to "enjoy twice" and that would work, the bomb is generous enough for double duty but I said NAH and tossed the whole thing in! It had been a long day and I was serious about relaxing. 

The Bath Bomb Fizz

When I was getting into the bath I had a mild backache. Nothing major, just achy and stiff but I was curious to see if the THC in the bomb might have some kind of pain relief. 

It gave off a good, healthy fizz when I dropped it in. I tried to take a video to show you, but the bath bomb was nearly the same colour as the tub so it's like watching bubbling water without the fun colours of other bath bombs. No biggie but no video either. 

After 15 minutes in the tub, I took stock: Everything still smelled citrusy and the bath water was still foggy with product. After about 20 minutes I did notice that my backache was nearly gone - in fact, I had to really look for the pain. 

I wound up staying in the tub for a total of 35 minutes and while I didn't feel a "body buzz" I did feel very relaxed and comfortable. 

Would I buy from Miss Envy again? Yes, I would, and I'd buy a Miss Envy Bath Bomb for a friend too. I hope that they begin to incorporate more comprehensive labelling (which fragrance combo did I have?) and maybe update their website with more images and product info but otherwise, I think this was a win! 

If you want to learn more about Miss Envy or their products (the Her(B) Life does not earn an affiliate fee) you can visit their website here and Facebook page here.  


Since we published this blog post, we have learned that Miss Envy Botanicals has been working on a few changes, namely they are implementing new packaging (colour coding so you know what you're getting!) and they'll soon be launching a brand new website which will have substantially more information regarding their excellent products. 

While I already liked Miss Envy Botanicals, now I'm a full on fan of the brand. The ability to grow with the industry is critical and the fact that this company has recognized that means they are serious and intend to be real players. 

Her(B) Life