Her(B) Life Review; GreenWorks Sativa Body Oil

100 ml

100 mg active THC

$18 - $22


I recently had an opportunity to try out the Sativa Body Oil from GreenWorks which is available to purchase at several dispensaries throughout Vancouver including The Village and Aura Health Studio. Pricing on this product is a little bit inconsistent, I've seen it listed for as little as $18 to as much as $22 . I'd happily pay the lesser price but I'd also pay as much as $22 because I generally like this product. The base is coconut oil which makes my skin sing - seriously I would bath in coconut oil if I had enough, do you think that might be a thing, and if it is can you tell me where this happens

I've used infused coconut oils before but never one that is all liquid all the time, it must be the addition of ethanol extracted that prevents the coconut oil from solidifying. Dispensing via a pump made this oil super convenient and easy to deal with in theory BUT I will say that the pump was a bit leaky which was really annoying.

I use coconut oil as an everything oil, as in I use it for everything from massage to moisturizer to makeup remover and night cream. I love coconut oil and in my mind combining coconut oil with cannabis is a no brainer win-win. I have no science to back this up, but I swear cannabinoids will be a breakthrough beauty product one day! 

One thing that I really appreciated about this product is that the label lists all the ingredients PLUS a batch number which is indicative of a company trying to adhere to production best practices. Compliance is sexy (and smart)! 

The bottle promises that "as a massage oil, Sativa Body Oil gives you a euphoric, aphrodisiac sensation that's much different from vaping, smoking or eating cannabis" and while I really liked the oil and I would say that it eased some sore, tired muscles I wouldn't say that the effect was "euphoric" unless your sore, tired muscles hurt so bad that relief in itself is euphoric...

Anyway, the company also makes a body oil with an Indica strain for relaxation which is a nice option too. All in all, I would recommend this product and I would likely buy it again too, I jwould just check the pump dispenser first.