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Cannacopia - strain finder app

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So what is the Cannacopia app?

In a nutshell, it's a strain finder, but it doesn't work in the way that I originally assumed it was supposed to work. I thought it would simply tell me where to find Headband but it's actually so much more than that. To call it a strain finder is to do it a disservice. It is a budtender in your pocket. Or more like a close trusted buddy who is also a huge weed nerd. 

Is it Easy to Use?

It's really easy to use. There is a 40-second video when you first open the app that clearly explains how to use it and then you get right into it. The app asks you to describe the effects that you wish to achieve using mood indicators called Effects Buttons. 

Basically, you have 4 Effects Buttons that you use to tell the app how you want to feel by sliding the button up or down to choices such as energetic, aroused, focused, relaxed and so on then you choose the potency from minimum to extreme. The Effects Buttons are as follows:


Combat fatigue, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, cure nausea, remedy stomach pains, ease pain, increase appetite, or insomnia relief. 


Ecstatic, happy, creative, alert, emotional, calm, lazy, or sad


Sweet, citrus, flowery, earthy, spicy or bitter. 


Aroused, energetic, tingly, giggly, rejuvenated, focused, relaxed or sleepy. 

As an example, I choose: 

  1. Reduce anxiety at a moderate level

  2. A high level of creativity

  3. With a flowery taste and

  4. A moderately rejuvenated effect

The app suggested a strain called Euforia and provided a photo although there were no reviews available for this particular app. The app went on to explain that Euforia is a sativa strain and the method of ingestion recommended was to smoke the flower. It indicated that it matched my criteria for rejuvenation, taste, and anxiety reduction and that Euforia is known to influence creativity. 


Adjusting the effects buttons...

Adjusting the effects buttons...

Euforia is recommended based on my preferences...

Euforia is recommended based on my preferences...

The effects that Euforia is said to produce...

The effects that Euforia is said to produce...

Is It Fun to Use?

It isn't not fun to use. It's simple and intuitive and the slider buttons are easy to manipulate so getting different suggestions is a snap. I'm an inpatient person and wouldn't be able to wait for new suggestions or to reset the criteria if it took longer than a couple of seconds so I'm happy to report that you can switch it up as often as you like and even use the app to research more strains and learn what suits your needs best.. 

Does It Find Strains and Dispensaries in Canada?

This was my biggest concern and to be honest I did not expect to get many results from Canada, but I was pleasantly surprised. When I tapped on the Find Dispensaries button after reading all about Euforia I was pleased to see several dispensaries located nearby. You can view these suggestions in a list or in a handy map to help you find the way. 

It seems to me that the most complicated aspect would be keeping the data up to date regarding who carries what but as thats not my department I'll leave that to the app developers to figure out. If I owned a dispensary I would want to be represented on this platform for sure. 

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