Edible not Medible

Story by: Leighana Martindale 

A long running issue I’ve always had with cannabis edibles are the ingredients they’re made with. Recently we have seen some legalization take place; however, marijuana edible companies have been here mainly due to the medical programs. Yet edibles have remained full of sugar and are being made mainly for recreational use. With so many new companies entering the market there’s bound to be some healthy and innovative products hitting the shelf soon, along with the few products available now.

What are you eating?

Common edibles on the market are filled with ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, red dyes, yellow dyes, and even gelatin! Not to mention the low quality products most edibles are being made with. Believe it or not, there are actually people who ingest cannabis for medical reasons; even people who are purchasing recreationally. Now yes, there is still a significantly large group of people using cannabis edibles solely to get high. And yes, of course we still want the option to purchase and enjoy that delicious, sugar filled edible; but there is a large group of cannabis users who want a healthier option.

As someone who loves and enjoys cannabis edibles, but has a bacteria called H. Pylori, I find that there are very few edibles I can enjoy. For that reason I only get to enjoy edibles as a treat. During periods when my H. Pylori is active, my stomach is highly sensitive to sugar, gluten, dairy, foods high in bad fats, coffee, and foods too acidic. My case is definitely unique, and I unfortunately have to cut a lot foods out of my diet at times, but there should still be options available for all. People who are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or diabetic deserve to be able to enjoy an edible, as well as the person who makes a point to eat organic and GMO free.

Cannabis is a lifestyle.

The cannabis industry is widely supported by those who live an alternative life. Companies should keep that in mind while creating products. As someone who tries to eat as healthy and organic as possible, as well as support local businesses, I want my cannabis purchases to reflect that. While there is a time and a place for that delicious sweet edible, a submarket in the cannabis industry is being overlooked.

There are so many different types of people on this planet, and in that so many different types of cannabis users. From the adventure seeker to the homebody and everyone in between, the market must keep growing to accommodate. Literally. There are cannabis users who are healthy and active despite common stereotypes and stigmas. I believe there should be products on the market to reflect that, and to support the diversity of cannabis users; from CBD to CBN to CBG products, not just THC dominant everything. Some people are becoming open to trying cannabis for the first time in their lives, hoping it can be an alternative medication for their ailments. We need to show these people the wonders cannabis can do and that it is an alternative, healthier medication versus pill popping.

Companies already Killin’ It.

The good news for those of you who are looking for healthier options that have more of a balanced cannabinoid ratio is, the market is only just beginning to grow! There are already some companies out there leading the pack in making healthy edibles, here are a few from California and Oregon.

Echo Electuary


This company is based out of Eugene, Oregon and makes some seriously good medicated honey! This company is leading the way in innovative creations, not only do they have amazing honey flavors, the honey comes from bees they keep! This is one of my favorite edibles, I love their 1:1 THC:CBD honey stick! They make bomb extracts too!

Native Seed Creations


Based out of Oakland, California this company is slaying it making edibles for those living an active lifestyle. They are home to the infamous Lift Bar, a cannabis infused protein bar. Something that stuck out to me with this company is not only their 1:1 THC: CBD protein bar, but the educational information they have posted about CBD on their site. I haven’t had the chance to try these edibles yet, but I sure am looking forward to!

Skyline Blvd Co


This is a California company that specializes in herbal tea infusions. With blends such as Earl Grey, Hibiscus, Chamomile and Cold & Flu, just to name a few. I haven’t been able to try this company either but would love to! I love tea and cannabis, a mixture of the two sure sounds delightful. If you have tried this please let me know what you thought!

In the end, whether you consume cannabis edibles solely to get high or to take advantage of the medical properties, this plant is naturally a healing drug. It was used for centuries before us, in many different cultures for various spiritual and healing rituals. Consuming cannabis at all is such a positive and humbling experience, those of us who get to partake each day are so lucky. I truly believe, more health appropriate edibles will be on the market in time. But until then we can enjoy what we do have, it is more than most.


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Follow the author on Instagram @leighanalynn

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