Break It Down for Me: Dabbing

Dabbing is a relatively new and so, so popular method of consumption on the cannabis scene. It involves all new equipment (sorry Zig Zags but you ain't gonna cut it with Dabbing) and an entirely new starting product. 

Dabs are little blobs of cannabis concentrate (just a dab, dear) that get heated up on a metal nail until the vapour is collected inside a glass pipe - not unlike a bong - that you then inhale. Generally speaking, concentrates used for dabbing are very pure and have very high levels of THC content (think up to 95%!!) so dabbing really isn't for the faint of heart or for those consumers who may be prone to anxiety. 

The other thing we feel the need to point out is that until cultivation and production is regulated for the recreational market some concentrates could have trace amounts of residual solvent, pesticides and or mold. Making concentrates at home is VERY DANGEROUS and should only be attempted by professionals in safe environments. Please do not blow up your house attempting to make shatter in your basement.