Her(B) Life Review: Tree of Life Shatter Candy

75mg THC

$8 each

I picked up a 75 mg Butterscotch Jolly from Tree of Life for about $8 (available here) and decided to give it a whirl this week. One of the biggest problems with reviewing prohibited ingredients is a serious lack of brand information and representation online. Tree of Life doesn't have a corporate website where I can go to learn more about their products but I did find this description on MMJmenu.com:

Made with shatter from Super Kush and Master Kush

So I guess it's made with shatter from a Kush Base which appeals to me as a super kush fan. The package says "75mg" but it does not clarify what there is 75mg of, however, this being a review of cannabis products I think it's safe to assume THC but I'd like to point out that it could also be CBD or sugar or love or cough syrup. It's not cough syrup but the point is that without clear labelling we just don't know for certain. 


The flavour was ok, it wasn't overwhelmingly Butterscotch - think Werther's at Grandma's house - but it was subtly sweet. I knew it had an herbal component to it, the candy tasted just a little bit "green", a little bit different than typical candies. It wasn't awesome but it wasn't gross either, just different and definitely not your typical "candy".

Mouth Feel:

For a hard candy, this one wasn't rock hard, I could bite down and not break a tooth. The charming heart shape was fun but I quickly realized that it was just the right shape and size to get uncomfortably wedged at the top of my mouth in between my upper teeth. I didn't like that, it irritated me and make me think of choking. 


Mild. There was no couch lock or sleepiness. No cerebral stimuli to get my mind going but the mild headache I had before eating the candy dissipated quickly enough. My limbs did not feel rubbery or loose the way some edibles can make them feel. 

I think these candies would be great for someone with a low(er) tolerance who wants a little pain relief. With better labelling, I would rate this candy much higher and be able to take the company more seriously. If you see Tree of Life shatter Candies at your favourite dispensary, grab one and give it a try then let me know what you think by leaving a comment on our Facebook page