11 Common Misconceptions About Cannabis According to Budtenders.

If like myself, you thought that ending cannabis prohibition was going to clear the smoke on this complex plant, you’d be wrong.

Cannabis is trending, and everyone is talking about the amazing potential of weed, which on one hand is fantastic, but on the other, has exponentially increased the amount of misinformation circulating the internet (our only source of actual information in 2019 apparently). My personal favorite, THC is the bad cannabis compound and CBD is the good one.


On the bright side, in 20 years, I am certain that the facts about cannabis will be widely known, easily accessible and generally correct. In the meantime, I spoke to the team at Vancouver based dispensary, The Village Bloomery, about the most common things people get wrong about cannabis.

CBD isn’t psychoactive right?

Wrong! CBD is psychoactive but it isn’t intoxicating. With that said some studies suggest that low dose CBD combined with THC can potentiate THC’s intoxicating qualities. However, if you consume CBD on it’s own, you will not experience the same euphoria as with THC consumption.

CBD is the medical one right?

Wrong again! All of the phytocannabinoids (active compounds in the cannabis plant) we’ve been able to identify in the Cannabis genus show promise in terms of offering a medical benefit. The media coverage of children using CBD for seizure control has contributed to many believing that only CBD is the only medical compound.

But THC will make me high!

Not necessarily. It depends on many factors, one being dosage, and can for the most part be controlled by the end user. The easiest way to explore one’s threshold is to use a tincture. By simply starting with a single drop of oil and adding a single drop each day you will eventually discover where you experience benefits without intoxication. You may also find that intoxication isn’t as scary as you thought it might be. Red wine is intoxicating however many people can enjoy a glass with dinner. It’s the serving size that makes the different.

All THC products will make you high

Nope. THC used topically is not intoxicating as it does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier. We never say never but for the masses topicals are intoxication free. Similarly suppositories have shown to be very low for risk of intoxication.

CBD is safe for everyone

While CBD is not intoxicating some people feel extremely tired once ingesting CBD which could make activities like driving unsafe. Further, at high doses CBD may potentate the efficacy of other medications such as blood thinners and seizure medication. If you’re on other medication, always consult a doctor when considering the exploration of any alternative therapy so your outcomes can be monitored.

Smoking will get you high

Some people do not experience a high sensation from smoking while others do. Things like THC to CBD ratio will play a role, as will terpene profiles and how much is consumed. Personal tolerance varies, some people can have 1-3 inhales without intoxicating results.

Smoking isn’t medical

Definitely untrue. Smoking offers the most immediate benefits and as such can give fast relief to people suffering from migraines and other types of pain. Further, smoking is often employed in treating nausea and chemo/radiation side effects and for many it is the most cost effective consumption method available.

Using capsules is the most medical right?

The most medical application is the one that works for you! A capsule is neat and tidy and associated with traditional western medicine, but it might not be the ideal solution for your needs. Once ingested a capsule’s effects can last up to 8 hours, which is great if sleep is on the agenda but if the serving size is too potent, 8 hours of discomfort might not be ideal.

Cannabis stinks

Not to me! While some cannabis chemovars do pack a potent punch, a la Pepe le Pew, others feature a more floral and or fruity bouquet. Terpenes are organic compounds found in plants and they are responsible for what said plant smells like as well terpenes have their own healing and or beneficial properties. Linalool for instance is found in both lavender and cannabis and it’s known to be sedative amongst other effects.

Cannabis is legal so can I bring this to Hawaii with me

While cannabis is federally legal in Canada it is still a highly controlled substance. You must check your provincial guidelines around where you can consume, how you can purchase and more importantly whether you can travel with it.

Travelling outside of Canada to the US  with your cannabis is not a good idea, even if it is legal in the state you want to visit. Cannabis is federally considered a schedule 1 drug and you will be arrested and charged if it is found in your possession!

I want the medical kind of cannabis

The difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis is the intent in which the plant is consumed. In this instance application and dosage matters. For example, arthritis may best be treated through topical application and low dose consumption, while insomniacs might benefit from higher dosed tinctures and ingestibles. Alternatively if going for a hike a smoke or vape might be appropriate as it’s quick to take effect and quick to taper off! The key is to use the smallest amount that helps you to achieve the desired outcome. Go low. Go slow.