The legal marijuana market is exploding with some people estimating it to be worth a whooping 4 billion by 2025. 

This brand new industry represents an opportunity for women to help shape the way we use, grow, package, and sell cannabis. With groups such as Women Grow in the mix encouraging and supporting female-led businesses in this sector, women are teetering at the edge of a whole new world. As many marketers will point out women often make up to 80% of the shopping and health care decisions for their families, we're natural care givers (some more than others, I will admit that my bedside manner leaves my husband wishing for nurse ratchet, but we all have our strengths!) 

If this industry interests you or if you love learning about powerful, influential women read on and be sure to connect with these leaders on Twitter or Instagram to help support their messages. 


  1. Jazmin Hupp, Co-founder and CEO of Women Grow
  2. Renee Gagnon, Canada's first transgender CEO of a publicly traded marijuana company.
  3. Jane West, Co-Founder Women Grow, CEO Jane West Enterprises
  4. Moriah Barnhart, CEO CannaMoms
  5. Hilary Black, Director of Patient and Community Services with Bedrocan and Founder of the BC Compassion Club Society.
  6. Trina Fraser, Lawyer and advisor to MMPR industry participants and investors. 
  7. Jenna Valleriani, Author at Lift News
  8. Lisa Campbell, Chair Women Grow; Toronto
  9. Cheryl Shuman, Cannabis Consultant and personality.
  10. Nurse Heather, host of the Good News with Nurse Heather Podcast